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The Cook Islands, a sprinkling of 15 islands in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, is a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand, which handles its defense and foreign affairs. While the total land area is a modest 236 square kilometers, the nation's territorial waters span nearly 2 million square kilometers, giving it significant maritime rights and resources. Rarotonga, the largest of these islands, houses the nation's capital, Avarua, and is the main hub for business and tourism. Cook Islanders are mainly of Polynesian descent, and the nation's official languages are English and Cook Islands Maori. The geography of the islands varies from the dramatic, volcanic topography of Rarotonga and Mangaia to the flat coral atolls of Manihiki and Penrhyn. This geographical diversity also means a wide range of ecosystems, hosting an array of unique flora and fauna, both on land and underwater. As a result, the Cook Islands are a favorite destination for ecotourism, water sports, and nature-based activities. The economy primarily relies on tourism, offshore banking, pearls, marine, and fruit exports. The islands' Polynesian heritage and traditions are very much alive and cherished, with vibrant dance, music, crafts, and traditional festivals playing integral roles in the lives of the Cook Islanders.