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About Germany

Germany, officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central Europe. It is the most populous country in the European Union with a population of over 83 million people spread across 16 constituent states. Germany shares its borders with nine countries: Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The capital and largest city is Berlin, a cultural and political hub known for its history and vibrant arts scene. The official language is German. Germany's history is characterized by periods of great innovation, cultural achievement, and economic prosperity, punctuated by periods of devastating wars and political upheaval, most notably the two World Wars. In the aftermath of World War II, Germany was divided into East and West Germany, a division that lasted until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Today, Germany is known for its strong economy – the largest in Europe and fourth-largest in the world by nominal GDP. It excels in several fields such as engineering, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy. The country is also renowned for its contributions to philosophy, literature, music, and the sciences. Germany is a founding member of the United Nations, NATO, G7, and the OECD among other international bodies, reflecting its commitment to multilateralism.