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About Guinea

Located on the western coast of Africa, Guinea is a country known for its rich natural resources and vibrant cultures. It is bordered by six countries: Guinea-Bissau and Senegal to the north, Mali to the northeast, Cote d'Ivoire to the southeast, Liberia to the south, and Sierra Leone to the west. With an area of approximately 245,857 square kilometers, it has a population of over 12 million people. The capital and largest city is Conakry. Guinea's official language is French, and its diverse population comprises many ethnic groups, including the Fulani, Mandinka, and Soussou. Each of these groups has its own languages, traditions, and music, creating a rich cultural tapestry. Guinea's economy relies heavily on its abundant natural resources, especially bauxite, of which it has the world's largest reserves. Despite these resources, Guinea remains a developing country with a significant portion of its population living in poverty. The country's geographical features are diverse, featuring the coastal plains of Lower Guinea, the mountainous terrain of the Fouta Djallon highlands in Middle Guinea, and the savannah of Upper Guinea. It's also home to the source of the Niger River, one of Africa's major rivers. Guinea's lush natural habitats are home to diverse wildlife, including chimpanzees, hippos, and various species of birds.