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About Haiti

Haiti, officially the Republic of Haiti, is a Caribbean country that occupies the western part of the island of Hispaniola, with the Dominican Republic to its east. Its capital, Port-au-Prince, is also its largest city. The country covers a land area of about 27,750 square kilometers and hosts a population of approximately 11.4 million people. The official languages of Haiti are French and Haitian Creole. The culture of Haiti is a blend of African, Taino, and European influences due to its colonial history. It is most famously known for its deep-rooted Voodoo traditions and vibrant arts scene, which includes sculpture, painting, and music, particularly 'Kompa' and 'Rara'. Haiti was the first post-colonial black-led nation in the world and the first country in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery. Its history is marked by political instability, natural disasters, and economic struggles. Despite these challenges, Haiti is rich in cultural traditions and known for its resilient spirit. Haiti's economy is primarily reliant on agriculture, trade, and remittances from the Haitian diaspora. In recent years, the country has also been striving to develop its tourism sector to showcase its cultural wealth and natural beauty, which includes beautiful beaches, scenic mountains, and historic forts.