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About Niue

Niue, a small island country in the South Pacific Ocean, is known for its picturesque landscapes and rich Polynesian culture. The island is located about 2,400 kilometers northeast of New Zealand and is an associated state of New Zealand, which handles most of its diplomatic relations. Niue, covering just 261 square kilometers, is one of the world's smallest countries, with a population of approximately 1,600 residents. Niuean and English are the official languages, with Niuean a part of the Polynesian subgroup of the Austronesian languages. The island has a unique geography, marked by a raised coral atoll, rugged limestone cliffs, and deep chasms. Niue's ecosystem is home to a variety of wildlife, including humpback whales, spinner dolphins, and green turtles, and numerous endemic species. The island's economy is heavily reliant on financial aid from New Zealand, with revenues from tourism, fishing, and the sale of postage stamps supplementing the income. The capital, Alofi, contains several landmarks such as the Niue National Museum and the Ekalesia Niue Church. The culture is a blend of traditional Polynesian elements and Western influences, manifest in its music, dance, and cuisine. Niue is also known for its eco-friendly initiatives, with an ambition to become a renewable energy-powered nation.