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About Canada

Canada, the world's second-largest country by land area, stretches across North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The country is renowned for its vast, untouched landscapes, its unique biodiversity, and its multicultural cities. With six time zones and two official languages—English and French—Canada's diversity extends beyond its physical boundaries. Canada’s geography is incredibly varied, ranging from the Arctic tundra of Nunavut to the rainforests of British Columbia, the prairies of the midwest, and the rocky coastlines of the Atlantic provinces. Canada's 37 million inhabitants live mostly in vibrant, multicultural cities, many near the southern border with the United States. Iconic cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are known for their cultural festivals, art scenes, and diverse cuisines. Each Canadian city, town, or rural area has its unique charm and character. The country's rich history is reflected in many national museums, historic sites, and heritage places across the country. This includes Indigenous, French, and British cultural influences, which have created a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and canoeing are popular due to the country's vast wilderness and national parks, such as the Rocky Mountains' Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. Canadian wildlife is another highlight, with opportunities to see animals like moose, bears, and whales in their natural habitats. The nation also prides itself on its commitment to social justice, diversity, and multiculturalism, with policies promoting equality and inclusivity.