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The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 mountainous islands located in the heart of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic, halfway between Iceland and Scotland. The islands are an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. Though the Faroese people have been living there for centuries, the islands have been part of Denmark since 1948. The capital and largest city of the Faroe Islands is Tórshavn, which is one of the smallest capitals in the world. Faroese is the national language and is rooted in Old Norse. Today, the Faroe Islands have a modern, dynamic and diversified economy with a vibrant cultural scene and natural beauty that keeps attracting tourists from around the globe. The islands are famous for their dramatic cliffs that were formed by volcanic activity, their birdlife, and their grass-roofed houses. Fishing and aquaculture are the backbone of the Faroese economy, with salmon being a significant export. Despite its remote location, the Faroe Islands have a well-functioning infrastructure with excellent transport links both domestically and internationally. The society values its history and traditions, but it is also very modern and progressive. The education and healthcare systems are of high standards, contributing to a high quality of life for the inhabitants.