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About Gambia

The Gambia, officially known as the Republic of The Gambia, is the smallest country on the African mainland. Nestled in the western part of the African continent, it's surrounded by Senegal, apart from its western coastline that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia's distinctive shape, mirroring a narrow strip of land encompassing the Gambia River, is a product of historical colonial borders. With a territory covering around 11,295 square kilometers, the Gambia's compact size doesn't diminish its natural and cultural richness. Banjul, its capital city, stands on St Mary's Island, where the Gambia River enters the Atlantic Ocean. Two of the largest cities are Serekunda and Brikama. The Gambia's vast biodiversity manifests in the various ecosystems along the central Gambia River. Abundant wildlife in its parks and reserves, including leopards, hippos, chimpanzees, and a host of bird species, contribute to its reputation as a haven for nature enthusiasts. The historical Kunta Kinteh Island and surrounding sites offer a tangible reminder of the African-European encounters in the pivotal era of the Atlantic slave trade. The Gambia's diverse population, totalling around 2 million, speaks English as the official language, while Islam forms the religious backbone of the country. The legacy of its independence from British colonial rule in 1965 resonates in its stable democratic political environment. Known for its hospitality, The Gambia's cultural landscape showcases a rich blend of ethnic groups, music and dance traditions like 'sabar', and a national affinity for wrestling.