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About Jersey

Jersey, the most significant of the Channel Islands, is a crown dependency of the United Kingdom and is situated off the coast of Normandy, France. The island is not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union, but it is self-governing, with its financial and legal systems. Jersey's stunning landscape consists of beautiful coastal cliffs, sandy beaches, and verdant inland valleys. The island's capital, St. Helier, is an energetic hub of activity featuring Victorian architecture, an array of museums, shopping venues, and a vibrant culinary scene. Jersey's economy is primarily sustained by its finance sector, contributing approximately 40% of the island's income. However, agriculture, with emphasis on dairy and the cultivation of the distinctive Jersey Royal potato, and tourism are also significant contributors to its economy. Jersey's culture offers a unique blend of British and French influences, mirrored in its language, cuisine, and traditions. Among Jersey's remarkable historic sites are Mont Orgueil Castle, standing majestically over the harbor of Gorey and the hauntingly poignant Jersey War Tunnels, bearing witness to the island's turbulent past during World War II. Jersey also enjoys an annual event calendar brimming with festivities, including the Battle of Flowers, a flamboyant carnival held every August. With its diverse natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, Jersey provides a truly distinct and enchanting island experience.