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About Lebanon

Lebanon, officially known as the Lebanese Republic, is a country located in the East Mediterranean. Bordered by Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the south, Lebanon boasts a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Lebanon's capital, Beirut, is renowned for its vibrant cultural and nightlife scenes. The country has a diverse ethnic and religious make-up, including Maronite Christians, Sunni and Shia Muslims, Druze, and more. Known for its rich history, Lebanon is home to some of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, like Byblos and Sidon. The country also has a strong cultural identity with a deep-rooted history in the Phoenician civilization, often known as the 'cradle of civilization.' Lebanese cuisine is a source of national pride and is recognized worldwide. Its economy is diverse and resilient, encompassing sectors like banking and finance, real estate, and tourism. However, Lebanon faces significant challenges, including political instability, a refugee crisis, and economic hardships. Its natural landscapes range from the snow-capped mountains in winter to the beautiful sunny beaches in summer, and the country is endowed with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Despite its challenges, Lebanon remains a captivating destination with a resilient spirit and deep cultural richness.