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Norfolk Island, an external territory of Australia, is located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia. It has a total area of about 34.6 square kilometers and is famous for its diverse and unique flora and fauna, which includes over 40 bird species. With a population of roughly 1,750, the inhabitants of the island are a mixture of descendants from the Bounty mutineers and indigenous Polynesian people. The island's official languages are English and Norfuk, a Creole language developed from English and Tahitian. The rich history and culture of Norfolk Island bear strong influences from its British colonial past and Polynesian heritage. Tourists are attracted to the island for its pristine beaches, tall Norfolk Island pine trees, historical sites, and vibrant culture. Notable landmarks include the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island's economy is primarily driven by tourism, but it also produces beef, dairy products, fish, and some fruits. Although the local government handles the island's internal affairs, Australia manages its foreign relations and defense. Moreover, the island has developed an appealing blend of cultures over time, resulting in unique traditions and customs that have shaped its identity. The Norfolk Island National Park, covering over 10% of the island's land area, is another main attraction.