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Saint Barthélemy, affectionately known as St. Barts, is a small volcanic island located in the French West Indies. It is an overseas collectivity of France, in the northeastern Caribbean, part of the Lesser Antilles. With an area of just 24 square kilometers, it boasts a population of approximately 9,961 residents. The capital and largest city, Gustavia, is known for its harbor, where luxury yachts often dock, and its well-preserved colonial architecture. The official language is French, although English is widely spoken due to the high number of tourists. The official currency is the Euro. This charming Caribbean hideaway offers turquoise waters and white sandy beaches that attract visitors from around the world. Despite its size, St. Barts has a sophisticated and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with an array of high-end restaurants and chic boutiques. The economy heavily relies on tourism, especially from affluent visitors. The island's natural beauty, with hills and valleys, along with its luxury villas and yachts, combine to create a unique, captivating destination. It offers a mixture of French elegance, stunning beaches, and a relaxed, Caribbean way of life. Furthermore, the island hosts various events such as the St. Barts Music Festival, and the St. Barth Bucket, a regatta for large sailing yachts.