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About Venezuela

Venezuela, officially known as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is a country on the northern coast of South America. It shares borders with Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, and Colombia to the west. The Caribbean Sea lies to the north. The capital and largest city of Venezuela is Caracas. The official language is Spanish and the country has diverse ethnic groups with a population of approximately 28 million. Venezuelan culture has been shaped significantly by its indigenous people as well as its Spanish colonial past. This has resulted in a blend of indigenous traditions with influences from African, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, and especially Spanish cultures. The country is known for its substantial oil reserves, which makes it one of the world's leading exporters of oil and a member of OPEC. Venezuela's economy is largely based on the petroleum sector and manufacturing. Despite its rich resources, Venezuela has been grappling with political, social, and economic issues, particularly in recent years. The country has a diverse natural environment, which ranges from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rain-forest in the south, through extensive plains known as llanos, the Caribbean coast and the Orinoco River Delta. Venezuela is known for its musical traditions, with the salsa and the traditional Venezuelan music 'joropo' being notably popular. Venezuelan cuisine, like its culture, is a blend of influences and includes dishes such as arepas, pabellon criollo, and hallacas.