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About Burundi

Burundi, officially known as the Republic of Burundi, is a small, landlocked country in East Africa, situated in the African Great Lakes region. Despite its size, Burundi boasts a high-density population and a rich culture heavily influenced by local traditions and colonial history. Bujumbura, the former capital, situated on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, is the largest city and the heart of the nation's economy. Burundi is known for its stunning landscapes, featuring rolling hills, vibrant greenery, and lakes, including Lake Tanganyika, the world's longest freshwater lake. The country's agriculture sector dominates the economy, with coffee and tea being the main exports. It's also home to Kibira National Park, a haven for a variety of wildlife, including monkeys and numerous bird species. Despite being one of the world's poorest countries and having a troubled history marked by ethnic conflicts and political instability, Burundi is making strides towards development and peace. The people of Burundi, known for their warm hospitality, have a rich cultural heritage, with dance and drumming taking a central role in ceremonies and celebrations. The traditional drummers of Burundi, renowned for their skills, are a key symbol of the country's cultural identity. The Burundian people's resilience and their continuous efforts to rebuild their nation reflect their spirit of perseverance.