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About Lesotho

Lesotho, also known as the Kingdom in the Sky, is a small, mountainous landlocked country, entirely surrounded by South Africa, it is the only independent state in the world that lies entirely above 1,000 meters in elevation. Its highest point is Thabana Ntlenyana, at 3,482 meters. Encompassing an area of just over 30,000 square kilometers, Lesotho is home to about 2 million people. Maseru is its capital and largest city. The official languages are Sesotho and English. The country's ethnic population is homogeneously Basotho. Lesotho's economy is based on agriculture, livestock, manufacturing and mining, and depends heavily on remittances from Basotho working in South Africa. The country also earns revenue from the South African Customs Union (SACU). Despite having a lot of rainfall and the third largest diamond mine in the world, Lesotho is classified as a lower-middle-income country. Lesotho is also known for its distinctive blue, white, and green flag, its vibrant traditional music and dance, and its people's remarkable ability to navigate the nation's rough terrain. Lesotho faces challenges such as high rates of HIV/AIDS and poverty, and it struggles with integrating modernity with preserving cultural traditions. However, it holds a rich cultural heritage, an impressive highland scenery, and an unyielding spirit in its people.