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About Liberia

Liberia, a gem on the West African coast, is steeped in a rich tapestry of history, culture, and biodiversity. Covering a little over 111,369 square kilometers, Liberia is inhabited by approximately 5 million people. These inhabitants are offered a window into a world of natural beauty characterized by lush rainforests, expansive savannahs, rolling hills, and picturesque coastline. Liberia's unique historical trajectory sets it apart as it was the first African republic to declare its independence and currently holds the title as the oldest modern republic on the continent. The country was originally established in the 19th century as a settlement for freed American and Caribbean slaves. The capital city, Monrovia, named in honor of U.S. President James Monroe, stands as a testament to this historical connection, with its architecture echoing the Southern American style. English is the official language, with over twenty indigenous languages spoken. The religious landscape is dominated by Christianity, with traditional African religions and Islam also practiced. The Liberian economy is agrarian with rubber and palm oil being the primary exports. Despite being rich in water resources, mineral wealth such as iron ore, and a climate that favors agriculture, the nation faces economic challenges. It's still recovering from two civil wars that spanned from 1989 to 2003, which left a devastating imprint on the country's economy and infrastructure. Nonetheless, Liberia remains a compelling study of resilience and potential in the face of adversity.