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About Tajikistan

Tajikistan, officially known as the Republic of Tajikistan, is a mountainous, landlocked nation in Central Asia. It is bordered by Kyrgyzstan to the north, China to the east, Afghanistan to the south, and Uzbekistan to the west. Tajikistan's geographical character is primarily mountainous, with the formidable Pamir Mountains covering over 90% of the country's territory. The nation is home to the world's second-highest peak, Ismoil Somoni Peak. The majority of Tajikistan's populace is made up of Tajiks, an ethnic group with close linguistic and cultural ties to the Persians. Tajikistan's economy leans heavily on remittances, the production of aluminum, and the cultivation of cotton. However, the country's challenging topography and landlocked situation pose substantial hindrances to economic development. Following its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Tajikistan went through a crippling civil war. Since then, it has been on a gradual path towards political and economic stability, but numerous challenges remain. The capital city, Dushanbe, offers a blend of modern and Soviet-era architecture, vibrant markets, and an ever-expanding array of cultural and entertainment options. Tajikistan also boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage, featuring ancient cities from the Silk Road era, breathtaking mountain landscapes, and a robust tradition of hospitality. The country's culture is strongly influenced by its Persian and Turkic roots, as well as the Islamic faith, which is followed by the vast majority of the population. Tajikistan is an intriguing destination for intrepid travellers, with its dramatic landscapes and unique cultural heritage offering much to discover.