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About Norway

Unfurling along the uppermost reaches of Europe, the Kingdom of Norway is an enchanting realm where rich cultural tapestries intersect with natural splendor. Sharing its eastern borders with Sweden, Finland to its northeast, and Russia to the farthest northeast, it faces Denmark across the Skagerrak Strait to its south. Norway's natural canvas is a stirring medley of deep fjords, towering mountains, and an intricate coastline that traces the North Atlantic and the Barents Sea. The land, spanning 385,207 square kilometers, is home to roughly 5.4 million souls, with its vibrant capital, Oslo, pulsating as the country's largest city. The language that binds the Norwegians is Norwegian, and their economy runs on the Norwegian krone. Norway's economy is an intriguing blend of free market dynamism and government stewardship in strategic sectors. Norway's inhabitants enjoy among the highest living standards worldwide, with the nation consistently earning top marks for healthcare, education, and economic robustness. Norway's culture is a captivating mix of heroic Viking sagas, the enduring legacy of the indigenous Sami people, and contributions from luminaries like playwright Henrik Ibsen and explorer Roald Amundsen. The spectacle of the ethereal Northern Lights, the magic of the never-setting Midnight Sun, and a love for outdoor pursuits like hiking, skiing, and fishing, together weave a unique Norwegian identity. The country also proudly hosts the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo each year.