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About Peru

Peru, officially recognized as the Republic of Peru, is a country steeped in history and cultural diversity, beautifully nestled on the western edge of South America. Covering an area of approximately 1.28 million square kilometers, it shares its northern borders with Ecuador and Colombia, eastern borders with Brazil, southeastern borders with Bolivia, southern borders with Chile, and the western border with the Pacific Ocean. As of 2023, Peru has a population exceeding 33 million, making it the fourth most populous country in South America. The nation boasts an incredibly diverse geography, from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region to the towering peaks of the Andes mountains, and further to the tropical Amazon Rainforest in the east. Lima, the capital city, is a bustling metropolis juxtaposing high-rise modernity with well-preserved colonial architecture. The diverse Peruvian history is marked by the dominance of the Inca Empire, which was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. Sites like Machu Picchu stand as living testament to this vibrant civilization. Today, Peru is one of the region's fastest-growing economies, driven by sectors such as mining, manufacturing, agriculture, and services. While it faces challenges related to poverty and inequality, the country's rich cultural heritage, natural beauty, and its friendly people make it an exciting and memorable destination.